Graphic designing is the art of creating visual images to communicate a specific message. It is a profession where one creates attractive and beautiful imagery and scatter diagrams for advertisements, magazines, reports, and brochures. By applying visual and page format strategies, designers use typography and pictures to meet clients' requirements and spotlight the rationale of showing components in intuitive plans, to enhance the user's experience.

Graphic design visually imparts specific thoughts or messages. These visuals can be essentially as basic as a business logo or as intricate as page formats on a website. It assists the producer with interfacing with the purchaser or user of a product or a service. It passes on the venture's message, occasion, crusade, or product. Graphic designing can be utilized by organizations to advance and sell items through promoting, by sites to pass muddled data in an edible manner on through infographics, or by organizations to foster a personality through marking, in addition to other things.

Upon completion of its course, Students will be provided with the following scopes and opportunities:

Creative director: This job title requires a person to decide the creative vision of a product. Creative Director ensures that all the design elements are in the correct places and the project looks authentic and cohesive. This job involves developing layouts, company logos, illustrations, and more to make a webpage look more glamorous.

Production Artist: The production artist leads and manages the visual department for a product. They ensure the accuracy of the production description a consumer is provided with. This job is for someone who enjoys being in their creative space and likes to engage with descriptive details.

User Interference Designer: The designer's primary role is to focus on how a product is displayed. They oversee a website's visual style and content and ensure it is user-friendly. They also decide which part of a webpage a piece of information goes to and which role it doesn't.

Marketing Specialist: Marketing Specialists specialize in collecting and analyzing data to reach their target audience through analytical and statistical data analysis. They initiate marketing strategies that focus on the effectiveness of consumer engagement. It's working for a multi-skilled individual who can easily differentiate between false web page traffic and someone who can make a consumer impact them due to the web page's visuals.


The scope of Graphic designers in Nepal is vast and growing. Fifteen years ago, graphic designers were restricted to planning, altering, and adjusting photos; however, the circumstance has changed due to the quick mechanical headway and openness of Nepali purchasers to worldwide top-notch items. This has made organizations in Nepal increase their expectation to accomplish clients. Therefore, organizations in Nepal are looking for talented, enthusiastic, and imaginative creators.

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