This is the era of mobile technology devices. Every single person that is either tech-savvy or normal people every single has been dependent on the mobile device. Mobile devices today have become the primary technology and it’s trending. The use of mobile phones is growing day by day decreasing the use of desktops and mobile phones.

Currently, smartphone penetration in the world is 40% in young generations, and the study shows that 60% of total visitors on the website are generated from mobile phone devices. This clearly shows that if the user experience of that 60 % is poor than that will be a great loss to the brand value of any company. They will probably not visit that site again after that experience.

Benefits of the mobile-friendly website

  1. With the Google algorithm update, a responsive web design increases visibility on search engines—because it is mobile-friendly. A site with an effective mobile experience will show up on search results above one without.
  2. It increases the visibility of every element on the website with great user experience
  3. A consistent and good user interface to the site may increase in lead generation, and it’s the conversion
  4. Helps to reach the larger customer base
  5. Mobile-friendly sites are more SEO friendly which increases in good search engine ranking.
  6. Makes content management easy because you don’t have to own multiple websites for multiple devices
  7. It helps to refine the content of the site by making sure that mobile users are seeing only essential materials.

In past, more than one site was used to adapt the multiple device compatibility, but that is becoming hectic o every aspect and yet the website is not 100%. Today every website must be in mobile-friendly to make better user experience and reach a larger aspect of the users

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