What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is all about reaching the people and connecting with the right audience at the right time. In today’s context, one should meet them where their audiences are spending a lot of time.


In the present situation, The internet is being easily accessible. There is no doubt that Constant internet users are increasing day by day. According to researchers, the constant internet usage among the people increased by 5% in just the last three years. Now the consumer behavior has really shifted to online. This means the effectiveness of offline behavior is decreasing day by day.

The way of shopping and buying has almost transferred to the online world.


So the form of marketing carried out online is said to be Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing covers all the marketing efforts and strategies carried out on electronic devices or over the internet. The business nowadays holds digital channels such as Search Engines( google, bing) social media (Facebook, Twitter), emails, website and various other means to connect with the potential or targeted customers.


Components of Digital Marketing

Before getting hands to the components of digital marketing, you should be aware of some important assets of Digital Marketing.


  1. Content

  2. Blog posts

  3. Online tools

  4. Social media

  5. Infographics

  6. Newsletter

  7. Company logo

  8. Digital brochures


There are many strategies or tactics that come under the term Digital Marketing. Getting hands over all of them is not possible at once. So as you cannot understand them at once, let’s have a brief look over the primary and of course important components of digital marketing.


Primary Components of Digital Marketing


  1. Website

The website is basically the online address of any business or the brand. Before jumping into the digital marketing campaigns, you should definitely have a proper official website. It plays a very important role in the success of your brand for online marketing strategy. If you have an official website make sure that your website following essential things.

  1. The website must be user-friendly

  2. Your website must speak about your brand and services you are providing

  3. Must have essential contact information

  4. The website must be responsive. I.e it should be feasible on every device such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

  5. All the services or the products should have individual pages so that it would help in tracking the conversions and analyze the performance reports

  6. The design of the website must be professional, clean and easy to navigate.


2. SEO


As per the consumer behavior, they start their journey on search engines. They search for the services or the products they need on the search engines. So the question is, Are you being found on those search engines for the services or the product offered by your business or the brand?  So search engine optimization helps you to be found on the search engines like google.

When you optimize your website to the search engines properly using the targeted keywords of your services or the product, search engines rank your websites in the search results of your potential customers.


    3. Social Media

When the term Digital Marketing comes, Social Media is a non-detachable part of it. Compared to any other online entity, social media platforms have more active participants and for longer sessions. This shows that reaching potential customers is easy through social media presence.  You must utilize social media channels to get connected to the customers by influencing them through various means. Social media nowadays is very powerful as you can directly talk to your customers and know what they are expecting or searching for. This helps in enhancing your services or products as per your customer needs. This helps in the growth of your business and brand.


    4. Content Marketing

It’s always been said that content is King whether it’s offline or online marketing. Development of contents like ( posts, videos, photos, infographics, blogs) and making it visual on different platforms for brand awareness, lead generation or the growth of traffic is said to be content marketing. This form of marketing campaigns are conducted to gain more customer’s interest without promoting business and it’s products or services directly.


    5. Paid Ads

Above mentioned are very valuable but a time taking procedures which gives results in the long run. But as you know the world is very competitive, so getting quick exposures is a very important part of the business to build a strong customer base in short time. For the quick and instant results, you have this option called paid ads. In today’s digital world every platform offers this service.

Such as google offers google ad and various social media platforms offer paid advertisement services that give exposures to your business to the right audiences. Making an investment in the paid services are a faster way of setting goals in the right direction of digital marketing.


6. Email marketing


Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. It makes you keep in touch with the customers and get feedback about your product or services. You can make your customers about new products or services and the new offers of your business. It is the most effective way of keeping a healthy relationship with customers.


7. Analytics


The most beneficial part of digital marketing is that you can always measure your performance and efficiency of the campaign through analytics. There are a number of tools that would help you in analyzing and measuring your marketing campaigns through your website, and social media channels. The data obtained from these tools are crucial for increasing sales or improve the performance of the service.


The above mentioned are popular components of digital marketing. It also includes other components like affiliate marketing, online PR, inbound marketing, webinars, marketing automation and many more.


Finally, share your thoughts about your business and we will take you to the digital marketing world. If you are already into digital marketing let us know how it is going, how your strategies are working for you.


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