In Graphic Design Course you will learn to convey your ideas and messages using graphics, and images. In order to excel in this field, you need to gain knowledge about marketing skills and electronic media packages. Graphic Design Course Content familiarizes you with the basics of balance, contrast, rhythm, movement, typography, etc. Designers can use the graphics created by them in Print Publications as well as for websites.

PHOTOSHOP (22 Hours)


  1. Interface, panels & workspaces introdcution
  2. Images size, dimesnsion & resolution
  3. Layers & common file types

Essential Practise

  1. Making selections
  2. Transform tools
  3. Using brushes
  4. Eraser tools & layer masking
  5. Shape tool
  6. Type tool
  7. Layers styles
  8. The pen tool
  9. Smart objects
  10. Adjustment layers
  11. Filters
  12. Blending modes
  13. Other tools

Create a project

  1. Setting up a document
  2. Work on a project
  3. Save for print & web



  1. Interface, panels & workspaces Introduction
  2. Artboards in Adobe Illustrator
  3. Vector basics, selection & direct selection tool

Essential Practise

  1. Creating shape vectors
  2. Grouped vectors, compounding vector shapes & shape builder tool 
  3. Drawing with the pen tool, brush tool, pencil tool
  4. The blob brush tool & eraser tool
  5. Type tool

Create a Project

  1. Setting up a document
  2. Image trace tool for sketches
  3. Tracing a hand drawn sketch & converting to vector artwork
  4. Compounding vector shapes & strokes, pathfinder tool & more
  5. Colouring a vector drawing
  6. Adding type to a poster design
  7. Prepare and export artwork ready for print



  1. Preparation for projects, document setup
  2. Interface Introduction, the links panel

Essential Practise

  1. Laying out frame box’s, build composition 
  2. structure
  3. managing & formatting text & tables
  4. Placing images & modifying images 
  5. In Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  6. Objects, color & effects

Create a Project

  1. Document preparation
  2. Work on project
  3. Export pritable file

Overall Discussion and Conclusion (2 Hours)

Class timings are available as per your request.

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