ASP.NET or popularly known as Dot NET programming language in Nepal. Creatu Learning provides comprehensive training in dot net language in Kathmandu. ASP.NET, the open-source server-side web framework developed by Microsoft has a solution for every web application that you could create allowing web developers to produce dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. C# is a server-side language that is used for developing web applications and web pages with ASP.NET. 

Join Creatu Learning for the best training in ASP.NET Training in Nepal.

Features of ASP.NET 

  • ASP.NET reduces the amount of code required for building large applications.
  • Windows authentication and per-application configuration ensures the security of applications.
  • ASP.NET is language-independent.
  • Web applications can be deployed with ASP.NET.
  • A purely server-side technology, allow codes to run on the server before going to the browser.
  • Environment and  Life The cycle of ASP.NET.
  • ASP.NET controls.
  • Working with web applications and services ( authentication and authorization)

Career in ASP.NET in Nepal

As one of the most leading platforms of the world in web and mobile application development, there are many future career opportunities. The good scope of the job has influenced many to pursue the training. You can become a software developer, senior software engineer, dot net developer, or a senior developer. Some of the fields are next-generation mobile apps, gaming, communication, and business functions. The scope is wide anywhere you go around the world.

So if you want to make a career in ASP.NET in Nepal join Creatu Learning for ASP.NET training.

Introduction to ASP.Net

  • Environment
  • Lifecycle

Web technology

  • Introduction to client/server technology
  • Server side technology
  • DNS
  • Webserver IIS
  • Webforms in ASP.Net


  • Common language runtime (CLR)
  • Net framework class library
  • Summary

Installation of ASP.Net

  • Installation of IIS (Internet Information Server)
  • Installation of ASP.Net
  • Virtual directory
  • Application setting in IIS
  • Summary

Microsft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Basics

  • Overview of SQL Server 2008
  • Installation of SQL Server 2008
  • Features of SQL Server Express
  • Database Architecture
  • DML and  DDL
  • Manipulation of Data (SQL Command)
  • Stored Procedure
  • Function
  • Trigger
  • Views
  • Cursor

ASP.Net controls

  • Event Handling
  • Server Side
  • Server Controls
  • HTML Server
  • Client Side
  • Basic Controls
  • Directives
  • Managing State
  • Validators
  • Database Access
  • File Uploading
  • Ad Rotator
  • Calendars
  • Multi Views
  • Panel Controls
  • Ajax Control
  • Data Sources
  • Data Binding
  • Custom Controls
  • Personalization
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging
  • LINQ
  • Security
  • Data Caching
  • Examples

Working with XML and Web Services

  • Overview of XML
  • Creating /Reading/Deleting XML Files
  • Web Services
  • Summary
  • Examples

Real time project

  • Gathering customer’s requirements
  • Designing database and business logics
  • Developing application
  • Testing
  • Implementing the project
  • Monitoring the project application after implementation

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